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Online Banking (E- Banking)
E-banking means any user with a personal computer and a browser can get connected to his bank's website to perform any of the virtual banking functions like balance enquiry, transfer of funds, online payment of bills, accrued interest, fees and taxes, transaction details of each account, accounts, credit card and home loan balances, transfer funds to third party accounts you nominate, open a deposit right from the terminal you are sitting at.

Once you've got online access to your accounts you'll see the different types of transactions that you can perform. Usually on the left side of the screen there will be a list of functions. Click on a function to open it. For example, if you want to transfer funds, click on the button or icon labeled 'Transfers' or something similar.

Many online banking sites now offers site with sophisticated tools, including account aggregation, stock quotes, rate alerts and portfolio managing programs to help you manage all of your assets more effectively. Most are also compatible with money managing programs such as Quicken and Microsoft Money.
Online Banking (E- Banking)
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