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Criminal information system
Crime Information management system (CMS) is a software integrated application useful for police department for managing tasks like criminals details, taking citizens complaints , FIR details, Criminal Database. This software application can be effectively used by police department for improving process of handling information and entire system will be computerized.

Along with management details different police department branches can share FIR details, criminal data and employee salary details called as payroll system, attendance management and document sharing. All these works can be done through this single integrated software.

  • Police system will be computerized and most of the work is done through online.
  • Communication between different stations will be easy and fast.
  • Easy to manage citizen complaints, criminal data and payroll management for employees is done through this software.
  • Data is secured and data is stored in database.
  • Update, delete modify records of cases and complaints given by citizens.
  • Update criminal bio data to centralized database which is visible to different departments.
  • Managing department salary, attendance and other details under payroll and attendance management system.