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Online music and Entertenement
The Online music project is to develop an online store for a live client. This site provides an online portal of the products of the store. It involves displaying the products along with all their characteristics, and sorted in terms of their brands, prices and types. It also provides for online purchasing of the products, via a safe online payment mode.

  • The interface should provide the user with all the regular updates on the new products in the shop.
  • The queries of the users should be appropriately addressed.
  • The business strategy would be primarily to get maximum number of people to visit the website and explore the wide variety of features that it has to offer.
  • Emulate the existing online shopping facility but with a better interface.
  • A wide array of products would be covered musical instruments, books, magazines, CDs, etc. so that the user, who may not be interested in musical instruments, would find the other products to his interest.

As more and more people come to know about the website, additional features can be added to it more features like posters, online streaming of music, listening to a song on the album online before you buy the CD, etc.